As one needs happiness so have I needed love; that is the deepest need of the human spirit. And as I love you utterly, so have you now become the whole world of my spirit. It is beside and beyond anything that you can ever do for me; it lies in what you are, dear love — to me so infinitely lovely that to be near you, to see you, hear you, is now the only happiness, the only life, I know. — Rockwell Kent

From the day I was born, I needed love. I searched for it everywhere I went and in everybody I met. Little did I know, it was staring me in the face.

Sometimes, I think we get so caught up in searching for something, we forget what we’re looking for. I was so caught up in looking for “love” that I didn’t think about what love actually was.

I’ve come to the conclusion that love isn’t something you can find, true love finds you. It may not come naturally, it may be awkward at first. But I can assure you, it’s there. It’s not wearing a pretty dress to an expensive date. It’s not being showered with gifts that break the bank. I’m still not entirely sure I fully understand it myself.

This is what I know: love isn’t perfect, it isn’t pretty and it certainly isn’t easy. It’s awkward, hard and most of all unpredictable. It’s a smile after a fight. It’s a cuddle at 3am when you’re struggling to sleep. It’s your favourite bar of chocolate and a single rose, it’s not pretty, it’s beautiful.

During my search, I didn’t discover love, I found myself and with it came a handsome man, my love. It might not be a perfect love but it’s whole, it’s mine.

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