Venturing Past The System
Venturing Past The System
Illustration by Jason Custer for this article

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My creative career has been a movement from subjectivity to objectivity — I’ve moved from fine art to graphic design, to user experience design, and then to design systems. I love the structure and order of systems design.

Recently I’ve been finding there is fear mixed in with love. I’m afraid of subjectivity, so I cling to the system.

Thriving on the system

The interconnected world of design system icons

From Kidpix to design systems

Did you ever create stamps in KidPix? Kidpix is bitmap drawing software that’s been around since the nineties, and I remember many happy — more like maddening — hours creating tiny pixelated images to reuse in my pictures. I was continually amazed to see how different the stamp looked at rendered size than in the zoomed-in view I was working on. Will these stark grey blocks really look like shadows? Magic.


For the past four years, I’ve been a caretaker of system icons. I’m currently helping to cultivate Garden, the design system for Zendesk. That includes agonizing over lots of…

Introducing the new brand identity for Garden, Zendesk’s design system

Hi, I’m Ginny, and I’m a gardener. No, not like, flowers or fruits or anything like that (though I do enjoy some nice basil…), but a product designer at Zendesk on team Garden. What is Garden, and why does it need a brand? Lucky you—you’re about to find out.

What is Garden?

Garden is an open-source design system where Zendesk grows accessible user interface components for all its products.

Garden was planted in 2014. Now, it’s a foundational part of product design and front-end development at Zendesk.

Team Garden is a group of designers and engineers, working together to provide a design platform…

Ginny Wood

Product Designer on the Garden Design System

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