Consumer Reports wants to help consumers meaningfully exercise their data rights, which is why we’re exploring emergent, consumer-facing services now possible under the CCPA.

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Image courtesy of Afsal CMK and OpenIDEO’s Cybersecurity Visuals Challenge

This year the nation’s first comprehensive commercial privacy law, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect. For the first time, California residents have the legal right to (1) require that their personal information not be sold; (2) get a copy of information that certain companies have about them; and (3) request that companies delete their personal information. However, CR’s own reporting has revealed just how tough it can be for California consumers to use the new privacy rights the CCPA grants.

Fortunately, the authors of the CCPA anticipated how potentially time-consuming it could be for individuals to make requests about their data. They added a provision to allow an “authorized agent” to represent the consumer in their interactions with companies. …

If you’re fundraising, we’ve put together a policy gallery for D&I terms you can ask your VC for when you strike a deal.

While there’s no silver bullet, there are lots of innovative ideas from entrepreneurs who have been through it before. #MovingForward’s open source policy gallery pools examples of policies startup founders have implemented to enhance equity and fairness during fundraising. In this blog post, we’ve extended the policy concepts in the gallery with context, case studies, and steps to help you implement.

From term sheets to diligence requirements and metrics to internal policies, entrepreneurs can require equity and fairness from investors.

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Photo by Kimberly Farmer on Unsplash

People frequently ask me for advice about how to get a book club off the ground and how to keep it going strong. I love the question, as I firmly believe that the world needs more killer book clubs.

Below you’ll find takeaways from my strange trait of continuously founding book clubs. These hard-won learnings come from six illustrious years of book club leading: 3 book club groups, 160+ combined members, and more than 56 books read together. I hope they can be of use.

Choose a theme

Themes attract the right members and help people understand what they’re committing to. Both general themes (e.g. …


Ginny Fahs

Tech Fellow @AspenPolicyHub & #MovingForward Executive Director. Ex- @UberEngineering .

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