Yes, you are cyclist and you are fucking up.
Sergey Sobolev

Oh Sergey…2 things.

First, it would be better for your stress levels to stop worrying about what other people get away with. If they are doing wrong, at some point the Universe will take care of it. Go on your way in the knowledge that they will get theirs someday.

Second, leave your house 15 minutes earlier so you don’t need to worry about the 12 second slow down when you get caught behind a cyclist.

Ok, three things. Please stop holding cyclists up to a higher standard than car motorists. Do YOU always go speed limit? Do YOU always come to a complete stop at a stop sign? Do YOU always stop completely, then make that right turn on red? If the answer to any of these is NO, then maybe you need to start with yourself.

Cyclists are humans with families, most have cars in the garage so they do pay for the roads, who are trying to do the right things for themselves, the world, and for YOU. They are more fit so they take less health care dollars. Cyclists are carbon negative so they are putting no pollution in the air. Cyclists are economical so they are saving some drops of oil so YOU can have one more trip in your big car, by yourself, to your workplace or grocery store or to see your mother in the suburbs.

Give us a break. Calm down, slow down. It only takes a moment to be polite. Have a great day!

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