Every quarter we focus on running a minimum of 40 experiments that contribute to at least €2.000.000 in 12- month added business value. With a growing CRO team existing of multiple disciplines we are making it easier to order print, one experiment at a time.

TL;DR — By agreeing to a certain cadence, to OKRs and a product roadmap we are able to grow and develop solutions that make ordering print easier. PS. Get the Google Sheets backlog template at the bottom of this post.

Our business model

To give you a little bit of understanding about what it is that we do…

AARRR enables you to measure and optimize every phase of your customer funnel by optimizing it through insane focus on one metric at a time. The framework got it’s name because the acronym AARRR makes you sound like a pirate (say it out loud!). This is an introduction to the AARRR framework, also known as the startup metrics for pirates.

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Dave McClure, founder and troublemaker at San Fransisco-based VC fund and accelerator 500 startups, is the man behind this framework. During a talk he gave in 2007 he presented the AARRR framework as startup metrics for pirates.

The AARRR framework…

Gino Arendsz

growth po by day @housinganywhere, remote growth freelancer by night at huppa.io

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