Education and training teaches officers to treat everyone with respect and to calm the situation as…
Jeff Jessie

If the community feels that no wrong has been done, then why are the police arriving on the scene to give any commands at all. Isn’t an officer’s sworn duty to protect and serve the community? Don’t the taxes paid by the community members pay the policemen’s salaries?

Barney was clearly an idiot, and an over-reactor. Barney would make a mess because he would approach situations from irrational, emotional points of view, and Andy would have to clean it up. Andy was a straight shooter who earned the respect of the community he served by being a level-headed problem solver. I would say that the police officers in these “YouTube” situations are more like Barney Fife. Reactionary, emotional, irrational. Completely forgetting their training. Luckily, most officers are more like Andy.

Good, respectable acts by the police don’t end up on YouTube because that’s our expectation — that police officers are good and respectable. That is the least that we are asking for. Restaurant employees that don’t spit on your hamburger don’t end up on YouTube either, but restaurant employees that spit on your hamburger do. Used car salesmen then sell you a garbage heap don’t end up on YouTube, used car salesmen that sell you a car that breaks down in 3 days do.

Police shouldn’t be giving orders to citizens. They should be asking them to do something, and explaining why they are asking them to do it. If an act of violence isn’t already in process, then there’s always time for a conversation and an explanation.

If the police and the community don’t see eye to eye, then it’s the responsibility of the people in authority - the police & elected officials- to figure out why, to get to the root of the problem, and to solve it.