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Plus 27 Micro-Chop articles worth revisiting.

Micro-Chop has grown and evolved quite a bit since I started the initial Medium publication in the summer of 2016. The Twitter community recently eclipsed 6,000 members and the tweets sent from that account just broke 1,500,000 total unique impressions over the past 28 days.

Those numbers are simultaneously encouraging, mind-blowing, and terrifying. I just hope I can continue using the Twitter feed to share my own writing while signal boosting various artists and music journalists as best I can.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to every single person who helped me get this far. …


Gino Sorcinelli

Freelance journalist @Ableton, ‏@HipHopDX, @okayplayer, @Passionweiss, @RBMA, @ughhdotcom + @wearestillcrew. Creator of and @bookshelfbeats.

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