Plus 27 Micro-Chop articles worth revisiting.

A quick update on some early newsletter success.

House Shoes and Big Tone on Detroit history, two-track instrumentals, and the seven years it took to make their record.

A candid shot of NAMELESS. (Photo Credit: Bandcamp)

The Flint native on FL Studio trial versions, vintage video game flips, and turning a children’s TV show theme into a classic beat.

The versatile L.A. producer discusses bouncing back from a severe car accident, her impressive debut album, and new royalty-free Ableton compositions.

Please give it a try.

The Roland TR-808 drum machine. (Credit: Ethan Hein’s flickr)

Or, why I’m not giving away most of my work for free anymore.

Ohbliv explains the value of building bridges in your artistic community, his rejection of traditional song structure, and the meaning of his new album.

The Ypsilanti native discusses making a song for his mother, using his voice as an instrument, and how the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling influenced his music.

Gino Sorcinelli

Freelance journalist @Ableton, ‏@HipHopDX, @okayplayer, @Passionweiss, @RBMA, @ughhdotcom + @wearestillcrew. Creator of and @bookshelfbeats.

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