Gino Sorcinelli
Mar 22, 2017 · 1 min read

Excellent work Matthew, I really enjoyed this article. You hit the nail on the head here and offer a thoughtful analysis of our listening behaviors. I really dig your work.

As a quick footnote, I’m also fascinated by the way streaming has increased the shelf life of random album cuts that people would have overlooked years ago. I was browsing the top 100 most played hip-hop songs on Spotify this week and was amazed at how many songs were either singles from a few years ago that didn’t make a major impact or an album song. Now they have several million plays. I see this as a huge positive. I’ve also noticed that songs from underground artists with no radio, video, or anything have millions of plays of Spotfiy. Although I share some of the concerns that come with the streaming model, I also think it’s turning industry on its head in really interesting ways. It seems like it could open doors for artists, albums, and songs that might get left in the dust in a pre-streaming world.

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