So why doesn’t the city seem to give a sh*t?
Why Are The Celtics An Afterthought In Boston?
liam green

Great article, I’m so glad you wrote this. As a lifelong Boston sports fan, I fear our fan base has lost it’s way. People were calling for a benching of Tom Brady after four games last year. People also wanted the Celtics to fire Brad Stevens after a rough patch this year. I find it insane that anyone would publicly lobby for either of those things. It may just be a vocal minority, but it seems that many people New England fans are so spoiled by the past 15 years that they can’t be bothered to watch and enjoy the magic of this Celtics team. They are one of my favorite Celtics teams ever, and I’ve seen some great ones.

An entire contingent of Celtics fans haven’t watched games since the Big 3 left, were rooting against their playoff run last year, and still only care about the Nets pick. To me, these people aren’t actual basketball fans. They represent the dark side of of the data-obsessed fantasy sports world. So many modern NBA fans seem to be wannabe couch GMs who think they know everything and can’t enjoy the simple beauty of NBA basketball. If a Celtics fan can’t appreciate our grit, scrap, and hustle, I really don’t have much to say to them.