DECO 7180 week 2 Journal

  1. Visualize idea

The name of my idea is reversal card game or memory card game, the game rule is: quickly showing participants the information of 20 cards, 10 cards are portraits and photos of important incidents, famous people as well as constructions in World War 1, the remaining cards include the detailed description and each of them is associated with one unique photo card, all relationships will be displaying to players at the beginning for 10–15 seconds. After that, all cards will be turning back which are purely black, players need to reverse two cards with correct relationship by clicking them according to their memory. Cards with correct relationship will be successfully reversed, cards with incorrect relationship will display the contents for a short period of time and turn back again, players have maximum three attempts to fail and meant to reverse all cards in a limited time. This game was mostly designed for entertaining purpose, it would also help participators to gain historical knowledge.

Memorizing stage
Reversing stage

2.methods of brainstorming

Brainstorming is one sensationally helpful technique for improving critical thinking and problem solving skills. One method I used to generate idea is rapid ideation, honestly I did not have any considerate idea for quiet a long time although tutor said every individual should have at least 5 ideas, as a result I forced myself to think up new idea within 5 minutes, the idea had not need to be perfect because it is going to be improved and filtered later on. The advantages of rapid ideation is that we can generate ideas quickly because filtering and overthinking are unnecessary, helping us arrange our time more efficiently and effectively. Ideas are completely customizable to meet further needs and requirements, multiple mediums and instruments are available such as pencil & paper, computer software and whiteboard etc. The negative sides of rapid ideation is, the idea we got could be far away from the final solution, it could be unrealistic, unachievable or having difficulties when implementing in real life.

3.Key opportunities and challenges

For the upcoming weeks, I will try to overcome challenges and seek better design opportunities. Time restriction is one major issue as the due date of poster and presentation is on week 4, that means I must consummate my idea in the next few days and organize a reliable team after the pitch, considering the feasibility and interactivity of the project, performing a satisfied product at the end of this semester hopefully. Otherwise, the most annoying issue would be professional skills of programming, I am not familiar with interactive technology like web API, as a beginner it is quite hard to understand the essence and fluently use the technology. In the last week workshop session, I input a lot of javascript code as required but that was literally just copying what tutor did, I can only understand some of them and cannot use them as my own knowledge. Although this situation is complicated and frustrating, I am not going to lose confident, studying as much as possible outside the class is one possible solution which most likely helps at this stage. Last but not the least, challenges and assignments from other courses would also influence my progress, I would arrange study time for different subjects logically and decrease any possible undesirable impact.

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