How Californians feel about legalization, and more.

With the November election only a couple of months away we wanted to get a clearer picture of the perspective of Californian voters. California has had a long history with marijuana legislation and it seems this November full legalization may be a reality. If so, California could represent billions of dollars in new industry and be a powerful cultural champion for federal legalization.

We surveyed 500 Californians (18+) from 25th to 29th August 2016, asking them questions related to the upcoming vote as well as their personal perspective on the industry. The fieldwork was conducted via mobile and results were weighted to reflect the profile of adults 18+ in California on gender, age and ethnicity. Here are a few highlights of what we discovered!

Assuming that those who currently smoke marijuana will almost definitely try it once it’s legalized, we find that, overall, 28% of Californians 18+ are either very or somewhat likely to try it if legalized. With all these new consumers we wanted to know what they would be willing to try.

Of those consumers who do not consume any form of cannabis, but might be willing to try if legalized, the top product was edibles by 14 percentage points.*

What about differences by gender and age? Our study found no major difference between men and women in terms of their views on legalization, however 26 percent of women said they felt legalization would strongly impact their life, as compared to 16 percent of men. Women are also more likely to vote this November (45% vs 37%) while men tend to be much more unsure as to whether they will make it to the voting booths.

Interestingly, there was no major difference in trial rates for consumption among age groups, however younger people are much more likely to have smoked or consumed recently (last 12 months).

Lastly, we wanted to know what potential cannabis users thought the industry needed to do better to succeed in their state and the results overwhelmingly called for more education around the product. **

There’s clearly a lot we have to learn from the new cannabis consumer, and we’ve only scratched the surface here. This data will be even more interesting over time when we can ask similar questions around consumption preferences or strain awareness in 6 months or next year from now. We’ll be releasing even more data from this study in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Fieldwork Dates: 25th to 29th August 2016 
Data Collection Method: Fieldwork was conducted via mobile. We intercept smartphone users in one of over 50,000 mobile apps to invite them to participate in the survey. Apps are selected dynamically to generate a balanced demographic sample.
Sample: 500 Californian adults 18+
Weighting: Results were weighted to reflect the profile of adults 18+ in California on gender, age and ethnicity.

*A Californian who doesn’t use marijuana frequently is someone who either a) has never tried marijuana; b) has not smoked marijuana over the last 12 months; or c) is a non-frequent marijuana user (has smoked recently, but smokes less than once a month).

** A potential marijuana consumer is someone who either a) has used marijuana previously or b) indicates that they might try marijuana if it were to be legalized in California.