A Wall of History in the Heart of the City

“It’s like a museum in here.” That is the way an employee of Kehr’s Candies at the Public Market describes the wall of cardboard boxes, candy tins and the black and white photos shown below. The tin boxes were used since the store began, which shows the rich history the store carries with it. The boxes on the shelf below were used when the candy shop made its own ice cream. Although the store currently uses a vendor for its ice cream, this shows how much the store values its humble beginnings since 1930.

The historic store has been around for 86 years but has gone through a few changes. There is now a new owner who was a previous long-term employee. In addition, the shop currently only makes chocolate but uses vendors for all the other treats. The aesthetic of the store has also changed. Before, the employees wore the conventional white uniform along with a hat. Now there is no standard uniform, and the workers wear comfortable, modern clothing. Even though Kehr’s is becoming contemporary, it still holds onto its rich past through its decor.

The location is in the heart of the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee, which is a hub for both tourists and city dwellers. It’s a great stop for a treat after eating a meal at one of the many restaurants the Public Market has to offer. It’s a local store and sells at very reasonable prices. This is a great chance for a newcomer to experience what Milwaukee has to offer, while also interacting with its unique locals.

I know you’re wondering about the menu. One of the best items to buy is the giant peanut butter bar. It’s made with melted, leftover chocolate and coconut oil. It’s cheap, delicious and sure to hit your sweet spot.

Another adorable, yet delectable treat you may want to order is the five-pound chocolate dog, as pictured below. It’s great for special occasions, like parties, or for giving a friend a gag gift.

Whether you are visiting Milwaukee for the first time or you are new to the city, Kehr’s Candies is a great place to visit. Its rich history, welcoming decor and tasty food will leave you coming back for more.

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