Sami the Martian

“It’s an experiment.” That is the way Sami describes humanity. We’re all just wandering around without knowing what we’re doing. This may seem like a cynical point of view at first glance since life seems directionless, but Sami’s life is anything but cynical. Although we may not know what we’re doing on earth, Sami had lots to share with me about her important, life-changing experiences.

Her fondest memory was when she went to a carnival with her dad when she was seven years old. It was a horrible day for her, because she got sick on a ride and it rained all day. But at the end of the day, she went to an ice cream shop with her dad. It was a great memory because although most of her day was ruined, it ended in a great way. She got to spend the day with someone who matters. And who isn’t cheered up by ice cream?

One key experience of Sami’s life was traveling to Australia this summer. She loves seeing nature that is undisturbed, and she had a great experience at The Ocean Highway. The Ocean Highway is a 150-mile road that gives the viewer a breathtaking view of the sea. These spectacular sights made her trip worthwhile.

Another place she enjoyed in Australia was The Bogey Hole. The Bogey Hole is a giant pool off the ocean that is made out of rocks. Rich Australians had prisoners create this pool next to the ocean, so they had a place to swim apart from people in lower socioeconomic classes. Sami says The Bogey Hole was beautiful and very natural.

Prior to her summer abroad, Sami learned an important life lesson a year ago: to forgive people even if you’ve never received an apology. It’s better to just let things go. She also values honesty the most, because life is easier when you’re upfront with others. If you continue to be dishonest, you’ll eventually be in a trap that’s hard to get out of. She discovered these lessons through her interactions with close friends.

In this life experiment, Sami believes in having control in her life. She thinks it’s necessary to take care of herself and do whatever is necessary to keep going. This includes surrounding yourself with good people you care about. Sami stands by making ethical decisions on her own and being able to distinguish right from wrong.

Sami told me that her entire existence has consisted of going to school. Her favorite subject in high school was fashion, because she got to design clothes. This passion has continued with her. She still loves taking classes where she gets to design things and be creative.

Sami has learned a lot in her experiment. She’s wandered to places that have taken her breath away and has learned so much about herself. She has reached some amazing conclusions during her experiment that we can all learn from.