Why Now And Not Tomorrow?

Why now and not tomorrow?

Sometimes I sit down and wonder about the decisions I have made and where those decisions have taken me. Many people experience the feeling of lost, confusion, depression, happy, excited, powerful, invisible.

Not too long ago I decided to get myself started in a completely different career path than what I am used to. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING! AHHH.

Honestly I don’t know if this is the right path for me, but how will I know that if I don’t make the decision to get started NOW and NOT tomorrow. I know I will struggle and I know I will fail, but I need to push myself to try something different.


Software Engineering, or anything that involves technology is advancing faster than anyone has expected.

In this generation no one can live without the Internet. Internet has changed our lives to the better, in gathering information, watching videos, attending school, online shopping, and many more. BUT none of this will be available without any type of software running everything.

Many jobs now require someone to run their websites and to upgrade as time goes on.

This is why I decided to learn something new, I believe that this career is only going to grow and need more people to learn the new language of the internet.



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