Seeking the Indicorn
Alex Danco

Yes…the Indiecom…is HERE….rolling out next month Feb 8 to celebrate the Year of Fury Monkey… the Agro-Bio Value Chain from Fork to Spoon enriching 8 Billion today for prosperity + good health

We have the GroWoW system to provides the 7F ( Food+Feed+Fuel+Fibre+ Flora+Fauna+FRESHAir) which is SEXY (Sustainable EXtra Yield) to be able to grow Organic AnyWHERE+AnyTIME by AnyONE with up to 99% LESS Resources of Water-Fertilizers-Land-Labor !!!

It sucks CO2 and gives out FRESHAir while sequestrated the CO2 in the woody tissues and soils

With 3D NuCitiFarm, can farm Vertically in Urban, Out+Indoor or Rural environment with ZERO Food Miles

Will give Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta a run for their lives

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