Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

We need to break the grip of the one party monopoly; there are two wings but they both represent big corporate interests. The only way for this to change (after trying to change it from within) is for the people who are being left out of sham, to unite under a party or person that represents them, and by doing so, deepen the ability for democratic transformation of the country as a whole though political engagement that is not in coalition with Wall Street.

So, the progressive movement needs to support the progressive candidate. When they don’t, they are not acting progressive, and we should not support them. We are not slaves to Bernie’s wishes. We are adherents to the principals of social justice, equality, and democracy, fairness, and honesty. These are qualities we see in Bernie based on his actions, and his platform, and who supports him (the 99%, not Wall Street and big corporation SuperPacs). The the lesser of evil argument is part of the trap to get us to support the status-quo politician. That logic is not going to work this time around, because it the road a defeat of the progressive movement, if we fall in.

It has become increasingly clear that the Democratic Party establishment is completely opposed to this political revolution. Rather than support the candidate who is best positioned to stop Trump and the Republicans, they are hell bent on defending the Wall Street and big business interests who bankroll them.

Hillary — instead of Bernie — would leave Trump, or other right-wing Republicans a free hand to monopolize the growing anti-establishment anger, while most of the left is trapped behind Clinton, the crowning symbol of establishment, dynastic, Wall Street politics. Could the far-right even dream up a better scenario to build their forces? While Trump might not win the election, support for hard-right populist politics will grow if there no fighting left alternative offered. It would move along the Obama trajectory, and in the wrong direction, right-ward with a growing anti-establishment populism finds a voice in right-wing populism. Neo-liberalism creates neo-fascism.

The confidence and energy our youthful, working-class political revolution will turn into demoralization and disorganization if the movement is corralled into Clinton’s Wall Street funded campaign — the exact opposite of a political revolution!

The stakes are too high to let this moment slip through our fingers. Capitalism is plunging humanity into a social and ecological catastrophe. Bernie’s campaign showed a viable fightback is possible. What’s missing is a strategy to sustain and grow our movement, and a leader that maintains the revolution independent of coalitions with the billionaire class, because the revolution consists in getting political power shifted out of their hands and into the hands of the 99%. The gun of a fascist Trump is a real threat, but our answer must be to trump Trump with People’s organized power; it just takes $27 each to beat their ill gotten wealth.

They want us to vote out of fear, for one of the elite picked ruling class figures of the Establishment that won’t ever represent the 99%. This sham of a primary is one where voters were cheated, with a rigged system, and rigged corrupt media. Both are hated and unpopular, both are liars and corrupt. Backing either is a dead end. Hillary is a warmonger corporatists and will fight for the banks, and Wall Street. Expect more war, more corporate crime (look who she picked for her VP? Following Wall Streets orders). So a vote for Clinton is a vote for Wall Street. Nothing is more important than building real democracy, not more oligarchy, and plutocracy. Hillary and Trump both continue to take us on that deadly road with more neo-liberalism and neo-fascism.

The only way to break this cycle is to not drink their Cool-Aid, and NOT be sheep. Whatever the media is telling you to swallow, is to be swallowed only by obedient sheep. And we are not sheep today. We will not obey, and we will refuse and resist this greed based system that puts profits above people. We can advance only by resisting and uniting among people who are not in a coalition with Big banks, big money, and Wall Street. Not doing this just continues the same…Look at the statistics of wealth distribution. The US is very pregnant with revolution. Better a left-wing populism than a right-wing one. As Jill Stein, tweeted, “I’m calling on all who have a conscience, who value people, planet & peace above profit, to leave the neoliberal Democratic Party.” There will be a big exit and the Green Party will get a big boost. They may not win this time around now, but both parties are doomed if the people stay awaked, and they know that. Good for us that we are not going to be good sheep. We are going to actually work for and push for someone to change our society, because as Bernie always told said, its “Not me. Us.” Enough Is Enough. Feel the Bern