There’s no doubt that running a business is a stressful experience for CEOs. They face many challenges, with one of their key concerns being how they can innovate and grow their companies.

Stay relevant. That’s the goal. But before CEOs even get to that point, several factors will affect their ability to innovate. Here are a few of the main concerns CEOs have surrounding innovation:

Building an organization with the right people

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire…

Struggling to get ahead of your competition in the digital space? To gain inspiration, take a look at five of our favorite tips from some of the business world’s most successful digital CEOs.

Few technologies have empowered people in the way the internet and digital tools have dramatically impacted our way of life. Not only do billions of people have more access to information that even before, but they’re applying it to improve their businesses. At the same time, that also means that…

There are numerous ways for you to meet your business goals. You can plan to scale and growth, inject more capital, or even increase how much you spend on marketing. But, is there a way that trumps them all? The answer is yes; the most surefire way to meet your business expectations is to maximize the already-existing business resources that you have in your company.

Many firms often bypass the potential in what they already have available and instead decide to try something entirely new. …

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and as a business, you have to keep changing with it, or you will find yourself falling out of relevance with today’s modern markets. An opening for CEOs to grow their business and build business cohesion is to use podcasts.

While content marketing has grown in popularity over the last few years, more prominent businesses have taken a while to integrate podcasts into their overall content marketing strategies. This insight is a surprising one, especially since podcasts have many positive business benefits.

Podcasts are a valuable asset if you are…

The innovative use of new technologies has impacted businesses in just about every industry, but it’s been especially felt in retail, banking, media, education, entertainment, communications, IT services, recruiting, transportation, and healthcare. CEOs need a sharper understanding of the part technology plays in their company’s transformation and growth in the new digitally-driven age.

The biggest disruptors to traditional companies of technologically-enabled enterprises that are using their skills to break into, and improve, age-old markets with innovations and technological advances.

Companies that fit into this mold are now some of the world’s biggest, and most significant-including Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, Apple, Google, and Facebook. …

Giorgio Ascolese

Founder & CEO @wamglobal| Co-Founder @theinbounder. Digital & Inbound Marketing enthusiast leading passionate teams in Real Estate, Hospitality & Tourism.

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