Improved Querying and Offline Data with AngularFirestore
David East


Hi friends, I do not want to insist on what many already say that Angular> = 2 is much (too) more complex than Angularjs, for series A programmers, but I would like to concentrate on this concept:
With AngularJS I have built powerful, fast and complex web apps for large companies.No bugs, no slowdowns, no customer calls. Everything runs optimally.
Now I have to start with a brand new project for which I would like to use FIRESTORE (Beta) Database, but I do not have the time to tackle the slow and winding learning curve of Angular> = 2

I am able to open and use Firestore in Javascript, but I can not bind with AngularJS to use it in real time and not asynchronously.

Any suggestions? Really thank you for any help you can give me. Good work and congratulations for what you do

Greetings from Italy

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