Summer, Graduation and Purpose

Here comes the final exams. The last year of school is about to end soon. It’s time to graduate and enjoy summer! (if the graduation is in summer I mean! :D ) Yes, it sounds awesome. It’s really the end of something and the start of this new amazing season. More like a journey. These people are looking forward for a glorious future, and yes they are full of hope! Being hopeful about life is great, you see things in a different way.

But you see, on the surface level, this is what’s going on. And I think it’s great to celebrate this moment. It’s great to enjoy the prom, the party, the night, the music. It’s actually worth a celebration.

Life seems long, and unclear. And the pursuit of dreams starts. But what happens next isn’t always easy. An overwhelming number of school graduates feel that they are not ready to choose what they want to be in life. What careers they want to pursue, what college education they want to get. They might even feel lost and frustrated in this situation.

They were full time students, but now the question is, they are a full time what? Are they going to choose to be a full time architects, doctors, artists, film directors, accountant or maybe teachers? Surveys show that 90% of the students just want good and high paying job without defining the job. But what if you’re starting out, and your job might not even pay you your small bills? What if they don’t know their passion in life yet? What if their schools did not help them discover that along the way?

An overwhelming number of students, 87 percent, want to eventually earn a college degree and land a career. But many believe that their schools aren’t helping them develop the skills they’ll need to succeed after graduation.

Parents normally push their children to pursue safe careers. Or careers that their society values at the time. My society values architects, lawyers and doctors. If children didn’t pursue these top 3, they are not being their best in the eyes of their parents. Student will suffer in taking their choices because they don’t have enough clarity on their purpose and in many cases not the right influence around them. They don’t feel that they have enough motivation if even they have found the right choice.

It’s all normal!

It doesn’t happen by mistake. Not feeling that you have the clarity at this stage is totally OK! With a little effort they might step into the right track and pursuit of the right dreams.

What can be done is not complicated at this stage, it’s totally simple but takes time. If you are in this situation, don’t just read! Read and take action! Just start with one. Just take the first step, you will thank yourself later. Even if you don’t know how to apply it, start! You will figure it out along the way, in matter of fact you won’t have the full clarity unless you start and just like the car driving in the dark, you’ll be limited in the vision but you to have keep going and analyzing along the way.

  • Find your strength: pick 10 to 15 people you know. Make sure that half of them are close friends and the other half are not. (if they are close friends they might tell you what you want to hear). Ask them about your unique strength and abilities. Ask them about what you’re not good at too! You need to know! Try to figure out a pattern. This seems simple and might even trick you of being inefficient, and the truth is, the answers would be powerful!
  • See yourself from the outside: after you start digging in your strength and talents. Take a look at yourself from the outside. With these skills and strength, what would this person love to do? What would he become? How would this person use them? If you’re good at basketball, you might not want to be a professional basketball player. In this case, you might ask what would this person do with these skills investing them in something he’s passionate about.
  • Purpose and heart: your purpose is not on some high mountain waiting for you to climb and reach out for it. Your purpose is inside. It’s given to you by your Creator. Know this from the start, and you’ll save yourself lots of time. What is your heart seeking? Nothing? Well it’s impossible, try to looking into your past, what were the moments that you did something you were so proud of ? What were the things you were so thrilled to do? Try to research and expose yourself to new ideas. What tasks you’re passionate about? Your purpose is simple, it’s doing the things you are good at or want to do in this moment. A person passionate about drawing, that is drawing is in his purpose. It’s not complicated!
  • Seek mentors at a young age: read books (authors are the mentors in this case right?) about topics you’re passionate about, ignite that passion. When you finish this book, read the author’s website on the back, search for the contact, reach out for the author with an email, we live in an era that allows you to do this! Tell the author what you appreciate about the book, ask questions. And don’t forget to do this, it’s crucial, try things the author mentioned in his book and tell him how it worked out for you, it’s irresistible they will reply. Ask questions, lots of questions. They might be your mentor some day, in fact they started being your mentor while reading their book and with answering your questions later on. Build relationships and read a lot!
  • Be where you need to be: if you’re passionate about soccer, you know where you need to be. Don’t waste time outside of your purpose. If you need to travel for a while, do it!
  • Write it down! write everything down, and read it! Write your questions and even your answers. Check what you applied and what you didn’t and be sure while doing this you are right where you need to be, stepping in your purpose each second and watching your dreams flourishing with time!
  • Research: research everything, universities, academies, jobs.

You might take a time to choose the university that would be a stepping stone to your purpose and career. But this time you’re taking to choose is very important. You’re not loosing time, you’re using time to take the right decision. Don’t let your family decide for you, don’t let your friend decide for you, don’t let society decide for you. Tap in your heart and see yourself clearly, ask the right questions and you will have the right answers.

Graduation is an event. Enjoy it! Summer is amazing enjoy it! And do what you need to do to step in your purpose and after couple of years you’ll be giving the same advise to people who have just graduated!

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