Ten hashtags to build your dream

I’ve been in the “game” for 15 years now. But I’ve shifted from being devoured by a never-in-profit-stress-producing web agency to head of a very successful company mainly by removing stuff.

People thinks they have to do more, produce more, build more in order to be successful. I did to. I was deadly wrong.

I was in a cage and I keeped doing more stuff in order to break the cage. Fool. I was just putting more locks on my door.

One day I meet Antonio. Antonio was working 10 time less than me, and had 10 time the success. By Antonio’s opinion, I was more talented than him. So I swallowed my pride and asked for help. Me and Antonio sat in front of each other in a loud coffee shop and talked about my situation. At the end of my story Antonio asked me, ok tell me about your life, how do you spent your day, I mean every single minute.

Three hours later, I was out with my “less recipe”, that fixed my situation in ten steps and six months.

I’m going to give you Antonio’s recipe, so you can save money and don’t have to buy Antonio a coffee. And an orange juice. And a piece of cake.

Yes, Antonio eats a lot.


Stop putting your dreams tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go to the gym. Tomorrow I will write that article. Tomorrow I will do volunteering work. Tomorrow I will start a better diet. Tomorrow I will partecipate some meet up. Wanna know the harsh true ? Tomorrow doesn’t exists. Just now.


It’s hard to say no. You can really use that two grands Jakes is offering to you for an underpaid job. So you say yes, and you grant yourself another month locking in the mediocre life you’re living. You’re the jailor fo your own life. And you never allow yourself free. When you should stop this ? Now.


I need to go out to that fancy restaurant my friends are talking about. I need to change my 3 years old car. I need a new tv. I need that 200$ shirts my favorite fashion blogger is advertising. Guess what ? You don’t. Reallity is that all that stuff is keeping your bank account in red, and your options to explore other roads for yourself very limited. stop doing that now (see rules number one).


My parents always taught me to be nice. Don’t scream, don’t say bad world, shut up, don’t risk to bother other people. Wrong. Take that risk. Go to events, meeting places, talk to strangers. Take the risk, go out of your confort zone. The real risk to bother someone is so low you can’t even immagine.

The moment you start to expand your horizon the universe will become bigger and your options pool too. Maybe you don’t have just the usual 3 leads opportunities from the same 3 customers that are squeezing you from years. On the contrary you will find new opportunities that will make the old contracts looks like foolishness.


Probably one of the most important things. I totally Agree with Maria Popova, saying that “those who work much don’t work hard”. Reality is that a fresh and rested mind can accomplish 30 times the work of a tired one in the same amount of time. You do the math. Stop working 100 hours a week and take rest. As soon as you finish the article.


But I’m working with social network ! The f**k you are ! Yes maybe out of the 5 hours at days you waste on the social you’re actually doing some work. Install stayfocused and never switch back.


Yes, I know this sound terrible. But try for one month to break the circle of caffeine stimulant addiction. You will find yourself more productive, more relaxed and with more money in your pocket. Doesn’t seems so bad right ?


How many hours do you spend reading newspaper ? Dark news ? Scaring (telegiornali) Trust me the horror of the world today are the same of yesterday.

You got better things to do when.

And yes I know that Warren Buffet keeps himself well informed, but no, his situation doesn’t match yours.


If I need to explain this, please close this page.


Don’t wait for your idea to be perfect, as I didn’t wait to became a better writer before writing this article. Move early, perfectionism is always an excuse to procastinate.

So now close your this page, turn of this pc. Go out for a long walk and start filling today with the things you where planning tomorrow.

I’m Giorgio Pallocca, CEO of Netlex, Advisor ad Friendz, Bidtotrip and Biotiful. Blockchain fanatics.

Do you thinks there are more important things to do less ? Let me know I love to hear your thoughts.