Where the hell are we going?

Does anyone realize where we going? What’s happening around as? Wars, poverty, deaths, starvation, terrorism etc. Right now more than ten places in the world are in war. Even in Syria where the war began almost 6 years ago and right now is the country which the east and the west are collide and obviously for many reasons is on of the main headlines on the News, we dont really understant what’s happening. If you just sit down and watch some of the videos on youtube with raw footage you will see the pain, the suffer, how hard the life is there. Babies are dying, mothers, kids, people who they were living their life in such a wonderful country and is a battlefield. And from all that, what the other people are doing? they just read the paper every morning sitting in the tube while they going to work, or watching whatever the stupid box telling them what some few other people want them to know. We are billions living in this world and even if we know what’s going on around us, somehow we forget,somehow we dont give so much attention because we have to live our life no matter what. But just imagine if from the billions of people that live in this world, some thousands spread the world and taking some action. But the truth is i lost my hope in humanity because i’m starting to thinking that this life, this world is like a fucking matrix, like Sims. And maybe the 1% has the keyboard and the stuff and they almost control the whole game…but someone else has the plug.

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