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One of the most common bone disease that occurs in joints is Osteoarthritis. Symptoms like stiffness, pain are regular, also patients keep limited with movement of joints. The mix of deterioration and soreness calls joints pain. Generally, it affect the whole body joint organ including synovium and subchondral bone. Suffering from this disease is full of pain. There are lots of option for Osteoarthritis treatment in India. Almost every reputed clinic/hospital provides the best medical handling to the patient.

The two major continents that have numerous of people leaving and dealing with this problem are India and America. Prime factor of developing symptoms of Osteoarthritis are trauma, infection caused by any surgery, obesity and last but most important ageing. Person suffering from this kind of ailment suffers with regular irritation in face of inflammation of the synovial fluid, increase blood flow, muscular spasm, barriers between bones and cartilage, joint swelling, muscular fatigue, muscular spasm, swelling and inflammation. Genetics too played the role in increasing the hazard of sternness and occurrence of this condition.

Osteoarthritis treatment in India comprises with different kind of therapies such as occupational therapy, physical therapy etc. Unloading of joints of the areas hips and knees, weight loss program, cold and hot wrappings. Involvement of anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen and intra-articular corticosteroid injections are all part of treatment for joints pain. Swelling in the cartilage is caused by inflammation and is commonly seen in the early stage of osteoarthritis. Symptoms of this early stage may last for years. Whereas, loss of joint space takes place in the progressive stage where cartilage starting to degenerate and soften. Often it is seen on the knees affected by this disease that there is a huge loss of joint space in the inner side or medial of the joint, resulting in abnormality of the leg and joints. Relief can only be obtain by regular exercises, weight loss, anti-inflammatory, and solicitation of heat and cold in the affected areas.

Stem cell treatment plays phenomenal role in treating all the ailments related to bones or joints pain. Although curing and healing process in this kind of ailments take lengthy time to show result, but then what? To achieve great positive outcome one needs to have enough patience. Patient suffering from joint pain often suffers with the reoccurrence of the painful problem time and again. During advance stage of bone joints ailment it becomes difficult for any type of medicines be it allopathic or other type of dealing. Ayurvedic medicines plays positive role in treating osteoarthritis. Benefit of having Ayurveda,there is no negative affect. While taking herbal medicines one should avoid in-take of metallic ashes or combination of herbo-mineral.

Summary- One of the real face of aging is facing health problem.Majority of people is suffering from Osteoarthritis. Take it as a positive or negative but at certain time it is tend that bones get older just like we humans. Treatment in India for bone pain and bone muscle ailments is satisfactory. One needs to have enough tolerance to fight with this situation with the help of stem cell management.

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