First World Problems!!

Good Morning everyone I hope all of you are having a fantastic morning and if not were here to boost your mood. As always follow me on twitter @gpulido_ and links to my other social media outlets are on my website We’re going to start of this morning with a little something I like to call first world problems; I’ll start off by telling you a couple of my first world problems or at least what I feel is one. We’ve all have had them one way or another, so we can all relate. This first one happened to me this week, and it happened to be the fact that I was sitting in traffic. Traffic being the key word, because there is no traffic in Southern Oregon. Although what us Oregonians consider traffic, it still sucks a lot! It’s a first world problem! Next one really sucks and I mean really sucks. Having to open you garage door manually then pulling your car out, then having to go back inside and close it then getting back in your car because your remote batteries ran out of juice. Like who does that who wants to do that. Let me answer that… No one!! first world problem. This one is for the United States, when your country elects a Cheeto for a president, I’d much rather have Chester cheeto for president. I want to hear about your first world problem, call us at 541–535–5555, come get on air, we can talk about our first world problems. Ugh here’s in my opinion the worst first world problem of them all, I was going to McDonalds and I was trying to get some food, breakfast to be exact and they didn’t have what I wanted on their all day breakfast menu… I was not a happy camper, my day ruined because I didn’t get my McGriddle! The list keeps going on and on, but keep calling we want to hear your first world problems, that number is 541–535–5555 jump on air talk to me I’m lonely in this studio keep me some company!! We’ll be right back with your first world problems but first here’s Chainsmokers with Closer.