The kind obaasan at the bus stop

For a week or two already, at the bus stop everyday I get greeted by a granny and his husband with an “おはようございます” and a bow. When the bus 29 arrives, the husband goes back home with their dog (みちゃん) and then she gets on the bus. We’ll be leaving the bus at the same bus stop, after a 30 minutes ride.

The other day I got on the bus taking sit next to her and we started talking about where I come from, my family, her ふるさと (that is, a town in Hokkaido) and so on. Since then, everyday we talk for a while, with her that once got off the bus says “行ってらしゃい”, “気をつけて、また明日ね” (that is, “take care and see you tomorrow”).

Basically we greeted each other for a couple of weeks and talked two times, on Friday and today, for all the ride long. Today we ended up talking about Japanese food, in particular about the anko, which I really love, being a gift from the heaven. She told me that she doesn’t like it so much (as opposed to the 35yo son) and she talked to me about the bakery where she usually buys bread and sweets. That said, once we got off the bus she asked me if I had time (and of course I had it, as I usually arrive quite early at school). So we went to that bakery and she started to fill a basket with a lot of stuff. About 2000円 of delicious stuff. She didn’t allow me to pay for them, neither to take something off the basket because there were too many things. My joy would have being hers and so her husband’s, she said. Basically in there there was the lunch for me and some sweets for me and my roommate.

They have been so good.

2 apple pies, 4 pieces of sesame bread filled with jam and 3 pieces of tonkatsu sandwich (pork cutlet)

Btw, today I learned that when Japanese (adults as well as kids) get the cold, often they drink tamagozake, that is nothing but hot sakè with a raw egg mixed in. And some of them don’t even like it. Uhm.