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For being a “journalist for more than 30 years” Mr. McCain is astonishingly prejudiced and badly informed. I had serious trouble to read all his article until the end and beyond that, his unnecessarily lengthy reply to Sage Wittman.
Wittman is a lot more concise and has given all the necessary replies, so basically there would be no need to repeat them.

McCain generalizes what he thinks is feminism, forgetting that there are many different currents of feminism. I have known several expressions of this movement and consider the extreme varieties as useless and counterproductive as McCain's obvious right wing hate of feminism in general.

It is a well known right wing lie that Planned Parenthood provides abortions with public money and McCain certainly knows it. It is also a falsehood to identify PP mainly with abortions. Abortions are only a small portion of its medical services and defunding PP would take away an important resource of healthcare from women, like cancer screening, birth control (just in case you didn’t know, this is what reduces the number of abortions) and medical attention during pregnancy. 
Anyway no woman I have ever known would use abortion as a regular method of birth control. It is always the last straw and often medically necessary. And when a woman decides to do it and there is no legal way, the wealthier go abroad to a regular clinic and the poorer end up on some obscure kitchen table, often with serious damage to their health or threats to their lives.

Regarding rape crimes, McCain does not refer to the many real cases on campuses and outside, but mentions only one case that had been proven false. This is not journalism.
Obviously McCain has the right to publish his opinions , right or left, but please don’t sell this as journalism.

To those who criticize all feminism as creating more divisiveness and asking what feminists really do to overcome discrimination, let me say you sound very hollow. 
What are YOU doing? Do you even care? It is easy not to care if you are in a privileged position.
Much of the civil rights that women have nowadays are fruit of women who fought for it.
Are you even aware that women won their right to vote and be elected only less than 100 years ago, in some “western” countries as little as 50–60 years? I am not even going to talk about the many countries where women’s rights to study, even to drive a car are denied. And don’t tell me that these are islamic countries, just one or two centuries ago, women’s roles were not much better in “christian” countries. Indeed the discrimination of women in both spheres is based on the same ideology of the abrahamic religions.

I am living in a country where machismo and sexism are still very strong and I can testify that the formal equality of both genders does not mean much if this principle is not in the heads of every man and part of every day’s life. It is not by chance that the countries with the strongest machismo and sexism are also the countries with the strongest influence of the catholic and certain evangelic churches.
Those who criticize feminists as ideologues seem to forget that gender discrimination itself is based on ideologies, particularly on religious ideologies which have become nearly invisible because they are so entrenched in our culture and every days thinking that they are not noticed as such anymore. 
McCain’s positions are also clearly based on such ideologies, just not the same as those of feminists.

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