Why Time Tracking Kills Creativity
Matt West

Hi Matt, have you ever asked yourself why you should start tracking your time? And how many time tracking apps have you tried so far? I agree with you when you say that time tracking shouldn’t distract you from work, but this is the case only for legacy time tracking apps.

From my point of view time tracking improves the innovative side of creatives in a bid to sustain project efficiency and maintain their personal style.

Managing the multitude of work-related activities such as brainstorming, designing, meetings, staff breaks and the constant analysis and comparison of recent projects, is key to ensuring weekly and monthly improvements in time redistribution during the development of a project.

Time tracking must also be perceived as a tool for personal improvement and a way to show fairness and build strong relationships between managers and employees: a reliable workmate with whom to structure work weeks to have more time to cultivate personal interests, as this happens more and more rarely.

We shouldn’t see time tracking as “evil” but we need to start mastering our time in order to make the most of out it!

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