Your ‘Gift’ Is Next To Your ‘Wound’

How 4 words helped me discover my superpower, and can help you discover yours too…

With The Love Of My Life — Dr. Stephanie Estima — At One Last Talks In Toronto

I’d like to tell you a quick story.

It’ about how I discovered one of my superpowers — a ‘gift’ I’ve built a thriving business around — after my partner Stephanie whispered 4 words that made me cry…

(And how you can use the same process to discover yours too— crying optional.)

I believe we’re all ‘gifted’ — we all have superpowers to share with the world — and we can all build a thriving career or business around sharing our gifts.

Here’s how I discovered one of mine…

One Last Talk

“Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your friends. It’s the longest-lasting legacy you will leave to your heirs.” — Steve Saint

It was a just over a year ago.

I was about to speak at an event called ‘One Last Talk’ hosted by my friend and mentor Philip McKernan.

The premise of the event is that you’re going to give your most meaningful ‘last talk’, as if it was the last day of your life.

Speaking at One Last Talk in Toronto, November 2016

I’m used to speaking to thousands of people and never get anxious before a talk, but for this one (in front of 200 people) I had butterflies.

And then it happened…

Stephanie comes up to me, grabs my hands and whispers:

“I believe in you.”


But not because I was sad or nervous.

It turns out, that (at 40 years old) was the first time I can remember someone saying that phrase to me.

I Believe In You.

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

Now, this is backstage, waiting to be called for my talk.

And in this frenzy of emotion and chaos, I had an epiphany.

See, I’ve said those 4 words — ‘I believe in you’ — many times over the past 5 years.

I’ve sat down with hundreds of entrepreneurs to learn about their missions, their dreams, and their challenges.

And sometimes, when it really resonated, I would say, “I believe in you”.

And I meant it.

I truly, deeply believed in their bigger future, in their superpowers, in their opportunity to change the world.

And that’s when it hit me:

‘Believing’ in people’s dreams, is one of my superpowers.

It’s a gift I share with others, to give them permission and belief in themselves that they can dream bigger, achieve their dreams, and share their gifts to create exponential impact.

I’ve built my entire Archangel business and community around breathing life into the dreams of what I call ‘superhero’ entrepreneurs.

And what struck me was that my superpower was related to my pain.

I wanted so badly to have someone tell me they believed in me, that I became a super-believer in others.

The same is true for another one of my superpowers — dreaming.

I dream for a living.

I live in the future, create huge impossible dreams, and reverse-engineer them to become reality.

Stop Dreaming

“All our dreams can come true; if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

I’ve been ‘dreaming for a living’ since I was 16.

That’s when I produced my first event that had 1000+ people show up, to present day with my Archangel Summit event that brings together thousands of visionary entrepreneurs from around the world.

And back then, my parents and my teachers would say ‘stop dreaming’ and ‘get your head out of the clouds’.

It came from a good place, but looking back I realize they were telling me to stop using my superpowers so I could ‘fit in’ with the rest of society.

They wanted the Clark Kent version of me, not the Superman.

Your Gift Is Next To Your Wound

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso

I heard the phrase “your gift is next to your wound” in Ireland when I attended another Philip McKernan event called BraveSoul, but I didn’t fully understand what it meant until this point.

Think about it — what are you passionate about?

What do you stand for? Stand against?

Why do you do what you do?

Chances are, you’re trying to help other people avoid the pain you’ve been through, or help them out of it.

And chances are, your gifts to share with the world come from your own personal transformation and growth that was catalyzed by that pain.

I know a lot of people who ‘heal’ others for a living.

Whether they’re doctors, or nutritionists, or coaches or personal trainers — there’s a good probability that their desire to heal comes from healing themselves.

Maybe you were bullied as a child.

Or had a bad break up.

Or a parent that hurt you.

Maybe you were made to feel in some way that you’re not good enough.

Not smart enough.

(Or in my strange case from elementary school, being told I was ‘too’ smart.)

Take A Stand, For What Made You Stand Out

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Whatever made you stand out as a child — whatever you were told to ‘stop’ doing (in my case, ‘stop dreaming’), whatever you were picked on for…

Start there.

Because THAT’S the first step in uncovering your superpowers.

And you, my friend, are a superhero.

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