It’s time for a lifestyle redesign

Improving our mental health starts with acknowledging there’s work to be done

Redesign: relationship with mindfulness

How: Use an app for guided meditation and mindfulness exercises throughout the day

Redesign: a greater focus on rest

How: Get some glasses, a consistent schedule and a new bed (sort of)


The first — and easiest — fix was limiting my interaction with blue light during the day. Yes, the not-so-great light your screens emit. And no, I’m not going to get deep into the science of it.

Consistent sleep schedule

My sleep was all over the place. Some nights I’d go to bed around 11 p.m. or 12 a.m.; others, much earlier. Some mornings I’d wake up right before work, while others with two hours to spare.

A new bed

As I mentioned, being back home also meant sleeping on a mattress that hadn’t been given a lot of TLC in the last decade. What worked for an occasional weekend trip home was really, really not the best for an extended stay.

Redesign: incorporating learning into everyday life

How: Train the mind and start coding

Training the mind

I first wanted to sharpen the skills I already had without it feeling like work. Thankfully, there are apps for that. I decided to invest in an Elevate account to get personalized brain training sessions in the form of games delivered each day to my phone.

Teaching myself to code

It’s no secret that programming literacy is becoming more important as tech continues to integrate into everyday life. Many kids are now learning to code in grade school. Even journalism programs at universities are offering more opportunities to learn coding for data analysis and interactive content.



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Giovanni Moujaes

OJA-winning digital journalist at KTLA 5 News. Lead producer/editor of the 360 documentary series, “Turning Tides.” Occasional thinker and thought provoker.