Winter sucks: some advices to overcome it doing something good.

Before doing anything else, put this record on play and keep reading: YT or Spotify here:

Ok, here we go. This article has two main parts: first off I’ll just keep complaining about cold, clouds, raining and stuff like that. The second is pretty good because I’ll talk about how you could improve your winter before the sun comes out again.

1: Complaining about everything just because outside the sky is grey.

Thinking about the last couple of months the first conclusion is that fall has started in the worst way possible: family troubles, good people passing away, physical damages and other bad stuff.

When I was younger one of the things that characterized me was that I always wanted the sun when outside was cold, and the clouds when outside the sun was shining. “yeah dude it’s pretty cool to wear a hoodie, you know”. Well, it’s not that way anymore: autumn, you suck.

I was taking a look to a couple of pictures in my phone ( God bless you Google Photo and my Amarcord habits) and everything was pretty much sunny and shiny.

After damaging a muscle of my knee in a unlucky bike ride I realized that pretty much the 90% of what I do is influenced by sports or stuff which I hate to call sport but is exactly what it is, so surfing, skateboarding, and chilling or bicycle riding. Well, for the next couple of weeks I still don’t know how the hell do I have to waste my time without this couple of things. Autumn, you suck.

Thinking about the past fun I even drawn a piece that makes me think about the best days of this summer:

I guess that I’m freaking out just because I lost the best south swells of the month because of the damn knee.

2: Interesting stuff to check out trying to become better people waiting for the sun.

All the bad news of this cursed year made me a bit more focused on how we’re destroying the planet. Have you already stopped reading? Because yes, scientists said the we’re fucked up, and we have pretty much twelve years to change something before the world keep falling down in the worst way possible, not joking. Watch this video to understand the main concept in 2 minutes and a half, pretty fast:

Plastics, microplastics and food chain.

One minute video to understand what is microplastic, and why we have to become as aware as possible that we’re facing one of the worst problems of the century, something that we’re still not ready to fight with.

After that video, spent a couple of minutes more on this one, which explain how microplastics are affecting our way to eat, pretty scary.

Basically we’re eating trash, pretty cool right?

I don’t wanna keep bother you on the same argument, I presume that you’re smart enough to keep researching by yourself, but, just on instagram:

I think that looking at the pages you’ll realize very fast that there is a solution to take action, even if you think that it’s just too little and useless, it’s not.

These guys are legendary:

They’re working on and testing a solution to clean up the oceans, check out the whole project here, is plenty of videos and articles very easy to understand:

Last but not least, I saw a couple of very interesting movies, first one is called “Minimalism”, the second is “True Cost”, both available on Netflix.

I never been the kind of guy that is constantly buying stuff over stuff, I did it when I was younger, but I fastly realized that was pretty useless. “Happyness doesn’t come with material things“ — I know, is that kind of phrase that you read and say “ well dude, then go live with the wolves and fuck you as soon as you could” right? Well the film explain a way to “fight” the constant “need to buy something new” imposed by capitalism, and the more interesting thing is that is not just spending less or have more empty houses, is a way of living based on focusing on other stuff.

That was the first movie, if you’re thinking that you’re not that kind of guy well, then watch True Cost, that talks about fast fashion.

Do you really need a new jacket? A new pair of jeans, a new shirt, a new hoodie, a new pair of shoes? Fine so, do you really need to pay a bunch of coins for it? What you save is directly connected to the average pay of the worker that sew that pair of jeans, or shoes, or whatever.

Buy less, spend more, sounds awkward right? Not always.

Dreaming about the next summer, spend some time figuring out how to live with a bit of less impact on the planet.



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