In these hard times of lockdown ( I live in Italy, and we’re closed in our houses since March 10th) you got to do something to kill some time, and maybe help others to kill some time too. If you don’t have any time to read, download the file from here. But yeah, read everything would be nice.

Free coloring page — Illustrated doodle project #1
Free coloring page — Illustrated doodle project #1
Check it out!

I cooked some bad cookies and some pretty nice apple cookies, I’m constantly watering the geraniums in the courtyard and I even started to restore some old skateboard deck, sanding them and drawing something new on it with some Uniposca markers.


If you’re a graphic designer/punk rocker/illustrator/painter/wannabe superhero well, this is interesting. Some of the questions below are very common:

“ Where the hell do I saw that color, I would love to have it in my color palette here to make some tests”

“Woah, that cover art has some awesome colours, I can’t stop watching it”

Well yes, it’s pretty much what I thought when I wrote this article and when I pick those colours. I grown up listening Nofx, MIllencolin and other punk rock stuff so, most of the colors that I always had in mind are from there…


Before doing anything else, put this record on play and keep reading: YT or Spotify here:

Ok, here we go. This article has two main parts: first off I’ll just keep complaining about cold, clouds, raining and stuff like that. The second is pretty good because I’ll talk about how you could improve your winter before the sun comes out again.

1: Complaining about everything just because outside the sky is grey.

Thinking about the last couple of months the first conclusion is that fall has started in the worst way possible: family troubles, good people passing…

Seville to Malaga, a 10 days story.

After Toulouse and a very bad night gifted from something that I ate, that kept me up with a strong nausea I went straight to Seville.

And seriously I don’t know where to start, because I think that is the most beautiful city that I saw in Europe. (Onestly, I didn’t had too much travels, but trust me)

What hits you in the face after landing, is that is very warm, for sure. …

I’m writing this little story sitting on a wonderful terrace in Seville, I never thought that a 2 stars hotel could have a place like this, with free coffee, free Wi Fi, no kids around and a great view. God bless internet, always.

I landed in Toulouse last Thursday, first thing that happened was the creepy guy that was trying to wait behind me in the toilet that wasn’t closed for key issues. “Man get the fuck out I’m pissing”, were my first words in France, kindly accompanying the asshole at the door.

Good start.

After checking my little studio…

After a month or two spent yelling against the sky asking why I can’t go on a long vacation in one of my favorite places in the world, ( In March I asked a B2 Visa at the American embassy in Rome to come back in California for 6 months and they rejected my application, but is another story) I decided to find an alternative way to understand what the hell am I doing with my life, and I found it spending about two months on Skyscanner and Google Maps, studying geography way better than during the school days, finding…

After the trip in California I spent the last months trying to make true the dream to work by myself as an illustrator, alternating the working life with my normal life to find the perfect balance. Has been hard sometimes, but great. I think that one of the most hard parts of being the boss of yourself is to find inspiration, because is not just about finding jobs on the web sending job proposals on Upwork or resume to the brands, if you have to draw, you have to find some good ideas and keep studying all the time.


Carmel By the Sea — Monterey Bay

This is my first blog post on Medium, after a month of reading I decided to tell something because yeah why not, we are in 2017 and is better to share then scrolling on FB.

I hate presentations so I’ll make it quick: I’m an Italian illustrator (, 29, I love punk-rock, I hate too many stuff for my age.

I spent my last three years working, drinking, working again and then drinking too much again, then working seriously too much and drinking too much again. Like a red hamster spinning in a fucking wheel for all the damn weeks…

Giovanni Tamponi

Illustrator, sea lover /

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