September 11th

A day like today 17 years ago, the world took a turn product of one of the most unexpected crises. The United States of America suffered one of the most perverse attacks in world history, which generated a change in its way of doing things as a Nation. The word crisis in the Japanese language is represented by two symbols side by side: the first means danger and the second chance. What did all this crisis represent for the United States and the world? It represented a great opportunity for change. Yes, from there the basis for the creation of new economies, entrepreneurship, new technologies was given and along with it a specific new way of making money: network marketing!

Shortly after, the crisis of 2008 served to move the one who was in his comfortable zone. However, for one who had adapted quickly when the crisis was generated he did not suffer but was already prepared for those moments in such a way that he became stronger and today they are at the top. Are you going to wait for the next crisis to change? It is more business to anticipate from now on those possible new crises. How? Choosing to take control of your finances.

Financial freedom is available to anyone who decides to live it out of faith. That depends on each one of us!

Until next time!