earth x moon

Deep in the night, dark stillness swallows earth. Earth looks down and sees nothing but depth and emptiness. But there was something about this night, the sun had left him … and he decided to look up. Once he seen her, he couldn’t turn away.

He found the most beautiful creation he had ever seen. There she was, flaunting the light like an elegant white dress. The earth’s only thought was, “Why is she alone?” While deeper and deeper the earth fell into darkness, forgetting who he was..

They caught each other’s eye, and in an instant, they were one. This moment was infinite between them. The moon craved the attention, and the earth was nothing but a sea of darkness without her, now getting the light he needed. For a fleeting moment, they thrived off of each other, and only saw one another. Smiling at him, loving to be loved, the moon gave the earth more than he could imagine. Earth was memorized, thinking, “What am I without the moon?”

Eventually, slowly and slowly, light was bestowed upon earth. The mountaintops were forming in the distance. Blades of grass were dancing under the rolling fog. The waters gained life and the darkness eventually became nothing more than a memory.

However, something different was happening to the moon. Slowly, she became less beautiful, less graceful. More importantly, she became less needed. And still the earth looked at her with such amazement and love. But deep down, the earth realized that he didn’t need her. He found his beauty.

The moon without light, shes nothing. Her life is meaningless. This made the moon blinded by her woes. No matter how much the earth tried to live for the both of them, the moon wanted more, she thrived on it. She wanted darkness just to provide light. It was either all or nothing. The moon could not accept her reality. Slowly and ultimately, she drifted back into abyss. And eventually without a trace, left earth, leaving herself.

The earth will keep growing, keep going. While the moon will stay where she is, waiting for the next chance to flaunt her false light. But no matter how gone the moon is to the earth, they’ll always be a mark somewhere in the sky of the moon. The thought still there, left like a cigarette burn of the moon on the skin of the earth. He’ll want nothing more than for her to realize what he seen. The beauty that is the moon.

Now, every night, the moon puts on her dress and lures you with your eyes to travel her skin. Alone in the sky, she needs to be craved. She wears her false beauty and dances differently everyday, just to be admired, even if it for a moment. But remember, whatever you do, don’t ever fall in love with the moon.

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