Marketing tips to reach the most slippery target group on earth

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Generation Z, commonly called Gen Z, is the generation of buyers that the most intrepid digital marketers are now paying more attention to.

This is because it has already demonstrated discrete buying power (and it will have more and more; this generation will numerically overcome the number of Millennials worldwide by the end of 2019) but, above all, because it’s clearly the generation that, more than any other, is completely at ease with digital means of communications and lets them shape its everyday life, making marketing to it with digital channels far more effective than with other generations.

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This photo was taken by me. © Giovanna Panebianco

Stand out from the crowd with these simple tips

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If you work in a marketing and communication agency, you already know that the CMOs of your possible client companies are the first interlocutors you have to persuade if you want to be chosen among competing agencies.

But what are the parameters to take into consideration when building up an offer a CMO cannot refuse?

Even if there are no absolute answers, the tips below will help you create a balanced mix of the marketing offers’ features which are most appreciated by CMOs.


Let’s not pretend. Before even taking a look at the content and strategies you propose, the marketing…

AR in marketing isn’t as far off as you’d think

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Photo by Olivier Miche on Unsplash

Nothing could be more true.

If some years ago the use of this technology seemed far from being a thing of our daily lives and belonged to a market niche of tech enthusiasts, today Augmented Reality (AR) is much more familiar to consumers.

Just think of the ease with which we daily use AR filters on Instagram or Snapchat and how much it…

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