Author: Simon F. Published: 19/05/2017

New to Social Trading? 5 Great Reasons to Start with SwipeStox!

Have you just heard about the social trading world and are looking for an application that is not only flexible but also fun to use for beginners? If the answer is yes, here are 5 great reasons why SwipeStox is probably ideal for you.

1. Learn as you go with our Demo version. At SwipeStox we’ve developed an easy to use Social Trading App that allows even novice traders to get involved with the financial markets. Once you register with SwipeStox, we set up your Demo account with $2,500 in virtual cash. You then just need to log-in to start trading with virtual money. You can do this by simply choosing to copy other experienced traders in our community, or by making trades yourself. With no pressure on in terms of financial losses, you should also take your time to dive into our dashboard features that offer useful information about current market situations, other users located nearby, and a whole lot more.

2. Seek out top traders. As a beginner, the SwipeStox app is your perfect getaway to the expertise of professional traders. By following the best traders, you can soon gain a key understanding of their trading techniques. With our app, you can study their profit and loss curve over the time, make friends and see not only traders you follow, but also those followers who are copying you. Each trader has a full profile which shows information such as how profitable theirs trades are, country of origin, trading accuracy, active trades, and a whole bunch of other criteria that you can use in order to select the right professional trader to follow.

3. Enjoy a personalised news feed Our goal is to develop the most transparent mobile social trading community worldwide, giving everyone the possibility to make money while trading. We believe that social trading is all about the freedom to follow information and the ability to learn from other traders. In order to get the right information, you can enjoy a personalised news feed, showing you not only stocks´ news and SwipeStox TV episodes, but also the activity information of the traders you follow. On the top of that, we are constantly working to provide you with the most up to date news and information from the world of finance.

4. SwipeStox is fee-free. By trading with SwipeStox you are profiting from all the advantages without any extra cost. There are no costs (really, no hidden costs!) or management fees for using our trading application. The process is simple, we connect your profile with our trusted partner broker — your money stays safe — and we are paid directly by our partner broker. Another great reason to give SwipeStox a try, right?

5. Last but not least — you’re in safe hands. When it comes to your money, safety always comes first. At SwipeStox, keeping your money safe is our priority, so we proudly cooperate with only the top international banks, giving your funds complete protection. We and all our partner brokers work under strict European regulations. There is also no risk when it comes to your personal information, it is completely safe and we guarantee that we do not share your account information with anybody else.

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