Celebrating “Back to the Future”…with original GIFs!


10/21/2015 is finally here and we all know what that mean! It’s the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown land in the future to save his son from going to jail in “Back to the Future Part II.” And then…Well, we all know how that story ends. (Unless you haven’t seen the movie yet. Read this post, admire the GIFs, and go watch all 3 movies. Immediately.) While the movie is near and dear to our hearts, what Team GIPHY loves most about “Back to the “Future” is all the technology! Similar to all the devices from the franchise, we’d like to think that GIPHY takes a commonplace object (For instance, a 28 year old format called the GIF) and revolutionize the platform by making it easier to use and more accessible to everyone. That’s why today is the perfect day for these GIFs.

We teamed up with four artists from The Studio at GIPHY to do their own rendition of some of those gadgets. Yes, yes, the DeLorean is all everyone can talk about but we wanted to make sure the other cool gadgets from the movie got some recognition, too. More specifically, the Hydrator, Mr Fusion, Garden Center, and obviously, the Hoverboard. We also asked to hear the artists’ thoughts on technology and the future. Hopefully, these GIFs will make you yell out, “Great Scott!” and dream of the day when these inventions will come to life.

Artist: Bate

Q: What inspired you to make this GIF?

A: Well, I love food in general but pizza…pizza is a gift from heaven, so it’s an awesome opportunity to make the hydrator come to life. It will be awesome for lazy people like me who don’t know how to cook, but loves food.

Artist: Julian Glander

Q: What is the future of technology to you?

A: Really hoping that machine automation can bring us to a constant state of zoned-out, spaced-out laziness. Looking forward to the day when adorably named robots handle our mundane concerns, like making sure the trash goes away. Also, ideally, everyone will wear funny gadgets on their heads. Basically, the future is a Sharper Image catalog times a million.

Artist: LaTurbo

Q: What inspired you to choose to illustrate the garden dispenser?

A: Drone delivery services are already right around the corner. I wanted to share a moment where one of these hyper-efficient units maybe wasn’t working as it should, and started losing its cargo. There’s something endearing about the early versions of products, especially those that are inching their way from science fiction to real life.

Artist: Renderfruit

Q: What is the future of technology?

A: I think they have to be close to making something that allows you to fly free in the air! That simple concept would be such a mind changing experience for a human being.

Brought to you by The Studio at GIPHY. Shoot us an e-mail and ask about working with The Studio or apply for an official artist account to show off your GIF creations!

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