GIPHY ❤ Vine

Oct 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Everybody Loops!

The great thing about the loop is that it’s infinite; it never ends.

Vine has committed to letting people download their Vines as well as keeping these visible on We wanted to add another fun way for loops to live on.

If you have a GIPHY account, you’ll be able to transfer over all of the Vines you’ve created with this new tool we just finished. For now, they’ll be shareable on GIPHY as GIFs but we’ve got the videos for you, too (sound and all), in the source data we keep for each and every Vine–to–GIF.

Now live: GIPHY ❤ Vine.

Long live the loop!

p.s. Here’s how you can easily access your original Vine (audio included) from any GIF detail page:


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