The problem about progress is that you rarely see it.

Or feel it.

The problem about mistakes and failure is that you always see them.

Or feel them.

That’s why…

If you don’t get it, ask.

If you still don’t get it, ask again.

And if you then still don’t get it, ask again.

Ask until you get it.


I don’t know how to become a better writer.

And these quotes will probably not help you to become a better writer.

Because the only thing that will ever help you to become a better writer is to write.

So go and write…

Over the years I’ve developed a few basic ideas that I try to live by every single day.

Some of them I might have picked up somewhere else. Some of them I somehow came up with.

And those are all ideas that help me to write. Even when I don’t feel like writing.

They help me every…

Which one is better?

To create more stuff or to create better stuff?

It’s obvious that creating better stuff is better than merely creating more stuff.

But the problem is that to be able to create better stuff, you have to have created a lot of stuff already.

Because the only way to get better at something is to do it over and over again.

No one is good at anything right away.

We all need practice.

And patience.

So if you’re on the fence about whether you should focus on quality or quantity, go with quantity.

Because quantity is the way to quality…

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Did you really just run out of ideas or did you just run out of things to do that you already know how to do?

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Maybe you don’t need more time.

Maybe you just need to decide.

Maybe you don’t need more advice.

Maybe you just need to get going.

Maybe you don’t need more information.

Maybe you just need to get over your fear.

Maybe you don’t have to be more productive.

Maybe you just need to do more of the things you actually really enjoy doing.

There are things we tend to tell ourselves because they’re convenient and let us off the hook.

And then there are things we rarely tell ourselves because they’re inconvenient and put us on the hook…

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It’s possible that your boss puts too much pressure on you.

Or your family.

Or your friends.

Or the economy.

But it’s also very likely that you’re actually the one.

That you’re actually the one who’s putting way too much pressure on yourself.

Are you?

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… is doing it wrong.

Of course…

The good (or the bad) news is that for somebody else somewhere else, you’re also everybody else…

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You can spend your whole life chasing the things you want, only to then realize at one point that the things you really need are already all gone…

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Fear helps you to stand out.

To get noticed.

And to make a difference.

Because 99% of the people out there will never get over their fears.

But you do.

And when you do, you can make a difference…

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