What is the “Secret Sauce” for those who eat, sleep, and breathe on Medium?
Brandi Nicole

Ha, I like this ;-). Thanks Brandi. Curious to see what others answer…

Do you carry your computer around with you 24/7?

I have “downtimes”. When my laptop is off that’s my downtime. Because I don’t use a smartphone. Ever.

Sit down to write a weeks worth of content all at one time?

One blog post a day. No matter what. No matter if it’s just 100 words or 1000 words.

Do you take a vacation and come back like a writing guru?

I write. The only thing that makes you a better writer is to write.

Do you plan a time to write each day or just do it throughout the day?

One post a day. No matter what. No matter how late it is. No matter how lazy I feel that day. No matter how busy I am that day.

What is that secret formulation you have to write so much, so often, yet with such impact?

I write what I think. And then the fact that I write every day. Because I write so much it seems that I write many better-than-average or “impactful” posts. But the truth is that most of them aren’t that good. I just write more than most people. So it seems I have many good posts. It’s simple math. The more you write, the higher the probability that one of them is good…

What is your daily ritual? If not now, at least where did you start?

One article a day. No matter what.

How do you handle burnout? — What is your motivation?

Write what you want to write about. Not what you think others might want to read. Write about what you know. Then you’ll never have writer’s block. And I basically write to myself. Giving advice to myself. So maybe one day I might be able to follow my own advice…

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