On finding your Passion

by Yann Girard (author of Confessions of an Entrepreneur)

Passion is the one thing we’re all trying to find.

Paradoxically, no one seems to find it.

Some people are lucky enough to find their passion early in life.

Most of us (including me), struggle our entire lives finding it.

Finding your passion is one of the toughest things out there.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t magically show up one day, knock at your door and introduce itself as passion.

No, you need to get out there.

You need to hunt it down.

And that’s why you will probably never find it.

Why I will probably never find it.

Why we all will probably never it.

It takes a hell lot of time, patience and persistence to find your passion.

And the only way to find it is to try out all sorts of different things.

And maybe if you’re lucky you might find your passion one day. Maybe not.

Too much work!

The process of finding you passion is super inefficient and so against what we’re used to (efficiency!) that we simply drop it (sooner or later).

We stop the search for our passion after a while (usually in our twenties) because it’s way too time consuming, inefficient and hard.

Time is money..

So instead, we choose to remain efficient. We prefer churning out the same stuff over and over again, whereas the secret to finding your passion lies in the exact opposite.

It lies in getting out there, experimenting, being inefficient and getting good at churning out all sorts of different things until one day you might find it. One magic day.

The secret of passion is that you’ll only be able to become passionate about something once you’re good at it.

Once you reached a certain level where work all of a sudden turns into fun. Into art.

And that’s the chicken and egg problem of passion.

Once you’re good at something people will start to praise you. People will clap their hands. People will applaud. Or they won’t.

That’s the prerequisite of finding your passion.

And that’s the hardest part about finding your passion.

You need to become good at it first. And then it might one day tun into your passion. But that’s still a long way to go. Countless ups and downs. And no guarantees.

Just like I hated writing when I started. I was very bad at it. And the better I became, the more people applauded. And the more people applauded, the more I wanted to write. The more it felt like fun. The more I wanted to share my art with people.

Right now my passion is writing. Maybe tomorrow it’ll be singing. Or dancing. Maybe I’ll get good at one of them. And then people applaud. And then I’d like to do it all the time.

Who knows? I don’t..

I don’t think that you have to limit yourself to one single passion.

There are so many potentially cool things out there..

But if you never try out new things, never persist long enough to become good at something new, you will probably never find your passion.

And to me, the best passion by far is being passionate about finding your passion.

That will ultimately solve all your passion problems..

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