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Perfection vs Consistency

Perfection is hard. Really hard.

Painting that perfect picture.

Writing that perfect book.

Pitching that perfect product.

Shooting that perfect video.

Or writing that perfect blog post.

It all takes a hell lot of time.

Especially when you’re starting off.

Your first 100 pieces will suck.

No matter what.

We suck at everything new.

No one is perfect at anything right away.

It takes many tries. Maybe 100. Maybe 20.

I don’t know.

So try to get to those 100 pieces as fast as you can.

To accelerate your learning.

And the only way to accelerate learning is to minimize friction.

You minimize friction by eliminating the desire to create perfect work.

Perfect work will cost you a hell lot of time.

But it will never change the core of your work.

The core of your work will always be the same.

No matter if you use a 5000 or 50 dollar camera.

No matter if you edit your videos or not.

No matter if you have an editor for your book or not.

Sure, you might lose some readers or viewers.

The ones you shouldn’t care about anyway.

The ones who will go away as soon as they see the next shiny thing.

So instead of focusing on friction, try to focus on your work.

Try to get better by delivering one piece of art every single day.

No matter how good or bad it is.

No matter how embarrassing it is.

The only thing that matters is to build up momentum.

And to accelerate learning.

Because consistency ALWAYS beats perfection.

As a matter of fact, perfection is the result of consistency.

Just like mastery is..