This might be sexist but..

The other day a friend of mine who recently started an online magazine for women asked me if I wanted to contribute an article talking about female entrepreneurs.

It should have been about female entrepreneurs and whether investors favored male entrepreneurs.

Needless to say that I said no.

First of all I have no clue about female entrepreneurs. I just haven’t met that many, yet. Second, the way I think about it might be considered sexist by some folks out there.

Those were pretty much the two main reasons why I declined.

It’s just that I don’t want to damage someone else’s reputation or credibility. I didn’t want to ruin her site. So I told her that it’s probably a bad idea.

But I don’t care about ruining my own reputation and credibility. So I decided to write about it on my own blog. Where I can only harm myself. And destroy my own reputation and credibility. And no one else’s.

So here’s how I see it.

Startups are all about making money. After all a startup is trying to make a lot of money out of little money. Otherwise it might not be a business. It might just be a hobby if making money was not the goal. And if it was only about empowering people why would they even take a cut?

Social startups need to make money as well. Somehow. Or at least come up with creative ways to pay their employees.

The only thing that really counts for an investor is money. Or revenues. Especially in the early stages. To have a proof that the thing really works.

If you’re not generating any revenues you won’t find an investor. As simple as that. Or at least not a very smart investor. Seed is the new Series A as they say.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female. The only thing that matters is money.

Until you’re a corporation. Then it’s also about corporate social responsibility and all that stuff.

But until you’re there it’s all about making money to increase your valuation.

I know this doesn’t sound a lot like philanthropic or let’s-save-the-world kind of work. But that’s just the way it is. That’s the way the game works.

What people tend to forget is that investors will only get more money to invest in other companies if they’re able to multiply the money of the folks who invested in their fund. That’s a VCs job. That’s how they pay their bills. Their mortgage. And their kid’s education.

If they’re not able to multiply that investment they won’t get other people’s money anymore to invest in companies. In other words they will lose their jobs.

And it doesn’t matter how philanthropic you are deep down in your heart. When your job is at stake you’ll go with saving your job first. And philanthropy second.

So in my point of view it doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy, gal, white, asian, black, fat, skinny or whatever.

The only thing that matters is what you bring to the table. What you bring for dinner. And the only thing people at that dinner table usually eat is money. Wow. That sounded super wrong. But I guess that’s what it is..

It’s all about performance. That’s just the way the game is being played by most people currently playing.. I think..