Waste more time!

by Yann Girard (author of The Art of Being Remarkable)

Seriously. You need to waste more time.

Over the past few decades everything has became faster, stronger or better. Everything has been optimized to a degree where there’s almost no space for improvement left. Until there is again.

What happened to most of us is that we also became super efficient. Everything we do, we do it almost perfectly, like a machine. Same thing day in and day out.

We’re being hired as super mega specialists for this or that.

But this doesn’t leave space for learning new skills. For doing new things. For mastering something new. For reinventing yourself, which you ultimately have to do over and over again these days.

Reinventing yourself has become absolutely necessary in a time where every few months there is a new thing out there that we need to understand and learn. Or we’re out of the game.

Sure, some industries and jobs are less fluid than others. Until they aren’t. What do you do then?

Back in the days a skill you learned might have served you well for your entire career. Today, the time went down to a few years. Maybe even less.

And if you don’t try to adapt to this environment and instead try to become more and more efficient in your one thing, you’ll surely become obsolete one day, rather sooner than later. Or you’ll burn out. Whatever comes first.

And what it takes to not become obsolete is to be able to adapt to the current environment. By willing to learn and understand new ways of doing things. And what it takes to stay relevant, to stay on top of your game, boils down to wasting time.

Learning something new, a new skill, a new way of doing things, is super inefficient, takes a hell lot of time and you don’t know whether or not you’ll ever become good at it. It might turn out to be a waste of time.

But there’s no other way.

You’ll have to be willing to waste time. A lot of time. You need to waste time to ultimately stay on top of your game. To avoid becoming obsolete.

I know it’s tough. I struggle with it every day. But you know what’s even tougher?

Disappearing and becoming obsolete..

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