Why do you even do all of this?

Most of the things we do, we do them because they’re easy. With as little friction as possible.

Surprisingly, even if we want to change our lives because we’re not happy, we still shoot for easy. Because it’s convenient. Even though easy was the thing that got us here in the first place.

If you don’t like your job, why do you start looking for the exact same job at another company? Do you think that changing the faces of the game will make any difference? Think again..

If you don’t like your job and the industry you’re working in, why do you want to start a company in the exact same industry you don’t want to work in anymore?

Is it because of your boss or all the other suckers? Well, guess what. Your boss and all the other suckers will from now on be your customers. Your suppliers. Or even worse, your partners..

If you don’t really like the situation you’re currently in, think again. Will shooting for easy really do it? Is it enough? Will it really help to put yourself in the exact same situation over and over again?

Only to be surprised that the new thing becomes the same thing you wanted to run away from.

So why don’t you look for something totally new instead? Something fresh. Something you might be passionate about. Something you might actually enjoy doing.

I know why. Because it’s tough. And not easy. Real change is always tough. Learning a new skill is tough. Being a beginner is tough. Burning bridges is tough. The puzzled looks of your friends. Your family. Society..

And it’s going to take a hell lot of time. The clock is ticking. Your clock is ticking. My clock is ticking. All our clocks are ticking.

But I guess that’s the only way.

Doing the things you actually enjoy doing is the only way to lasting happiness..

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