6 Reasons, Why Salesforce Has Succeeded with Its Lightning Experience?

Initially, most of the users were complaining about the clunky user interface of salesforce. Now, the web has been moved to responsive design and salesforce UI did not evolve at the same rate. This made Salesforce reconsider the way their platform is designed and the way apps are built on it. That’s why salesforce has lunched their new platform named as ‘Lightning’ and is also called “The future of CRM”.

Lightning provides a modern, smart experience across every devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. By using lightning developers can build apps visually with Lighting App Builder. Lightning App Builder and Lightning Component Framework enable developer and their business partner to combine custom and standard component from the AppExchange to build amazing apps. It has new features to help you sell faster, work more productively, and make better decisions.

Why should you use lightning for salesforce application development?

  1. Lightning experience has new, modern user interface for sales reps to help them sell faster and smarter. It makes easier for developers to build apps that can work on multiple devices and screen sizes. It can also work on major browsers including chrome, Mozilla, and safari.

2. It was a big undertaking by Salesforce to totally redesign their front end, and at the same time still support all of the existing functionality and customization that customers have built on the platform.

3. In lightning experience, you will find shortcut to the most-user salesforce feature. Navigation through pages more easily than salesforce classic. You can also customize navigation for various types of users (such as sales reps, sales manager, or executives)

4. In lighting experience, Accounts and contacts have gotten a complete makeover to help sales reps find information they need fast.

5. Lightning gives facility for sales reps to find a turbo-charged workspace for managing opportunities and leads. They can create task and events, log calls, and send emails, and track all those activities in the activity timeline.

6. Building app on salesforce lightning is very easy. Users without coding skills also can build apps on salesforce lightning by simply using the drag-and-drop visual interface of lightning components. With the help of lightning app builder and lightning components anyone can create modern enterprise apps easily.

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