Back end development becomes tough task for developers when it comes to developing a solution that is user-friendly and comprehensive across multiple platforms, distribution network, devices and browsers. Fortunately, Node.JS exists. That’s the reason, companies look for full-stack developers and more developers leverage existing skill sets for back-end server coding. Because, Node.Js provides platform for developers to write JavaScript on both client side and the server side. It means that you can use the same libraries for both back-end and front-end development. It helps to increase productivity of developers and also saves lot of time.

Web application development in Node.js is not only a best option for developers but also for businesses. The five main reasons:

It works Fast: Node.js is built on chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. V8 has ability to compile and execute JavaScript at lightning fast speed, because it compiles JavaScript into a native machine code, instead of interpreting it or executing it as bytecode.

Thus, accessing file system, database and network is very fast in node. By using Node.js, developers can build fast and highly scalable network applications which are capable of handling bulk amount of simultaneous connections having high throughput.

JavaScript is Everywhere: One of the biggest reason that make node.js so popular is that it uses JavaScript as its main language to build the web application. JavaScript is only choice to develop web applications in the browser. With node.js, JavaScript has also revolutionized on the server. The language is well versed with most of the developers, and is certainly driving the world today.

It is Lightweight: Node.js operates on single thread, uses and event-driven and non-blocking I/O approach. Single thread uses to handle multiple concurrent requests. Node.js does not wait for any read and write operations, it always accepts request directly. This feature makes it lightweight and efficient to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent requests.

High Performance: Many big brands like PayPal, Walmart, LinkedIn moved to Node.js because of its high performance capability. In 2013, Walmart put all their mobile traffic via node.js on Black Friday, the busiest shopping time of the year. On that day, Walmart server did not go over 1% CPU utilization and yet they deploy with 200 million users online.

Easy to Modify and Maintain: Building applications on Node.js is easy because it has large and active community that contributes many useful modules that can be easily included and used.

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