The Most Powerful Apps on AppExchange for Sales and Marketing Team

AppExchange is one of the largest enterprise apps marketplaces with over 4,227,470 install from 3,188 apps (44% free and 56% free), as per AppExchange homepage. There are 3,188 apps available to choose from that integrate with the CRM and empower sales and marketing teams to get more done.

There are more than 300 apps available on AppExchange that help savvy marketers get savvier by doing everything from tracking marketing revenue to managing email campaigns to cleaning up data. From more than 300 apps, it is challenging to know which deserve your attention. That’s why we created a list of most useful apps for sales and marketing teams.

Hotspot (598 Reviews):

Attract visitors, convert them into leads, and turn your leads into delighted customers. It has all those tools which you need to do inbound marketing, plus award winning services and support to help companies master inbound marketing.

· Hotspot software creates blog posts, eBooks, videos, and other content that answers questions your prospects are asking. Optimize it for search engines and share it on social media.

· Use website personalization, email, and automation to tailor marketing messages and the sales process, helping turn those leads into delighted customers.

Pardot (154 Reviews):

It helps marketing team to maximize efficiency and increase revenue. Automatically track, score, nurture and connect with prospects throughout the sales cycle. With pardot you can understand exactly where to invest time and resources in order to maximize ROI.

Mail Chimp (101 Reviews):

There are more than 7 million users use Mail Chimp for email marketing campaigns, according to salesforce. Keep your MailChimp and data in sync with free integration. Build campaigns, manage subscribers, create custom queries, and more.

iContact (241 Reviews):

It is a mass email marketing app entirely native to salesforce. With iContact you can create, send, track emails to campaign level, allowing for direct measure of success in engaging, converting and retaining leads and contacts.

Campaign Calendar (46 Reviews):

It allows you to work with salesforce even better by generating and interactive marketing calendar insider salesforce instance. Campaign calendar gives a single place to schedule, review and execute your marketing efforts, and because it “lives” in Salesforce it’s simple to share it with the rest of the company.

Fast Form (44 Reviews):

Fast form allows you to build powerful web forms and surveys in minutes. The first 100% native form builder for salesforce. With fast form you can create forms to capture leads, contacts, cases or any custom objects with just a few clicks.

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