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Life Post lockdown — Practical Optimism

Every challenge is an opportunity to prove one’s resilience and is often a stimulus, not a barrier. It’s our perspective that matters.

Right now, the pandemic has pushed the pause button on almost everything on the planet.

To me, it’s an interlude between old living practices and the ones in better sync with existence. The world is transforming, and despite current woes, there’s a lot of space for optimism.

A Business Point Of View:

The pandemic is here to stay, and all we can do is learn to live with it, at least for another few months, if not years. We have to embrace new practices, find new avenues, and utilize new means.

Thankfully, this time around, we have Information Technology at our disposal — never in history, humankind had such a powerful tool to survive through a medical crisis.

We have the internet, social media, and cellphones that keep us connected despite restrictions. Hence, in many a sense, life will go on.

By now — although we are still learning to combat it — we have explored a lot about coronavirus, and slowly people are returning to work. Once the shadow of the disease starts waning, life will begin to move to normalcy.

We will arrive at a new normal. Social-distancing, isolation, quarantine, protection, prevention, etc. will be commonplace practices.

So will be the work-from-home pattern.

For some businesses, especially the service sector — it will be entirely applicable, for others like trading — partially, and for manufacturing, etc. — the least. But every business will opt for the practice as much as they can. The market will develop new work culture, and without any doubt, will recommence and flourish again.

However, gatherings will still be prohibited, and transportation will remain constrained. And most importantly, companies will begin to reconsider their business models in terms of productivity, profitability, and bottom lines.

Therefore, solopreneurs will be in high demand
{will soon write about the pros (a lot) and cons (a little) of employing them}.

The skilled ones, the professionals, and the consultants will have new opportunities — and competition.

A new kind of competition, in which communication will play a more critical role in success stories. When you are working offline, your personality helps you get across in different situations and setups. It forms a connection with people and eventually fetches you some commercial benefits.

In the digital form of marketing, you cannot be present everywhere. You do post videos, participate in webinars, and communicate the message effectively, yet you cannot establish eye contact, and there, online communication falls short.

So, what is the way out? How can you make online marketing more rewarding?

The only answer is — Branding. When you are not there, your brand replaces you. And to be connectable, it has to have a personality.

Branding — What and How.

Like us humans, brands too have two aspects of personality — interior and exterior.

On exteriors, a brand is attractive, pleasant, and easy to identify. It has specific discerning attributes.

Whereas, its interior is dynamic, substantial, and authentic.

So, while you hire an agency or professional to design the exteriors of your brand — that is called Brand Identity. It’s imperative to establish the interiors — quality, and customer experience — and communicate them to the right set of prospects. For this also, you can take professional help.

However, for small businesses or professionals — I insist — you do it yourself. Nobody can ever experience the depth, the width, and the potential of your brand as intensely as you do.

If you have never been to that territory before, take the professional help to start and retain it as long as required. But remember, it’s always better to do it yourself. So, learn along the path.

I welcome you to start the journey to opulence with me. I will help you by designing a unique brand identity and preparing effective communication of value proposition with the ideal set of prospects.

Let’s start it here.

Answer these 10 Questions — download the PDF here. And you are all set to go online with your brand and communication.

For a professional date with me, contact on the given details, and I will design the logo, the stationery, and packaging, etc. for your brand and define the communication and social media strategy. I will also share some tips with you on how to develop the communication further.

Do it NOW!

Girish Miglani

Brand and Communication Consultant.
+91 7024689199

I help professionals/small businesses develop a smashing digital presence.

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