Girish Puravankara — Inspiration And Innovator

Girish Puravankara is one of the top names when it comes to real estate in Bengaluru, the Garden City, which is well known for its real estate opulence. After all, this city can boast of architectural marvels such as UB City. Having a high standing in such a scenario shows the quality of Puravankara. In his corporate identity Puravankara serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of LGCL, a company he has helped scale the heights of excellence and success. The company is in fact right now a top name in the world of real estate in the capital of Karnataka.

The professionals working at the company have been trying over the years to make sure that the customers receive the best possible service that they are able to think of. Incidentally, the company is responsible for some of the finest properties in the real estate firmament of Bengaluru. It can be said without a shadow of doubt that Lalit Gangadhar Constructions Limited has played a major role in making Bengaluru’s skyline look much better than before. The organization has played a major role in the city’s progress so to speak and perhaps it is because of the contributions of entities like Puravankara and LGCL that Bengaluru is regarded as one of the better options to live in India.

In fact, the effect of LGCL can be gauged from the way it has acted as an inspiration for many up and comers in the world of Bengaluru real estate. Presently, as many would be aware, the company has a number of projects and some of these happen to be the finest of their kind in Bengaluru. Thanks to the efforts put in by Puravankara and LGCL it has been possible to provide people top-class homes that have been priced in a reasonable manner and feature some really mind boggling design elements.

Such a combination in a city like Bengaluru, known for being one of the most expensive cities in India, is a commendable achievement indeed. It is said that how well a company does in terms of growth depends on the people tasked with helming it. In this regard it may be said with a certain degree of certainty that the growth shown over the years by LGCL is reflective of the capabilities of Puravankara. The main aim of people working in the company is simple — to attain the global level in terms of class.

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