Take Me To Your TED talk

and speak slowly

I am not a TED. I don’t even know if that makes sense. You’ll have to think back to a time before you were branding, and venture start-uping, and scheduling creativity and what-not. I am simply a gawking stand-byer. I’m becoming curiouser by the day.

I have an opportunity to gain some valuable training from a new technology training institute, one whose tuition will be reimbursed by my employer, and I am intrigued. I was perusing the course schedule and noticed that the Learn to Code seminar series suggested a 15-minute introduction to Ruby prior to attending. At this point I have no idea what Ruby is, and assume this will be a very simple task to accomplish seeing as how it was only going to take 15 minutes. Right?

I am on my third round of what is purported to be the simplest thing I’ll ever do and have invested far more than 15 minutes in each. I have realized I am going to require some extensive notes and diagrams to comprehend what is being fed to me as the equivalent of popcorn being thrown at my face. I remain intrigued.

Can Generation Y appreciate the quagmire that one must traverse when one is not unlike the Hobbit, unaccustomed to the larger world that has moved far beyond my shire, at 4G speed? It would seem, though, that if I am to keep up with the jobs that are springing up around me, as the jobs I knew before are blowing away like leaves in the wind, I must reach an understanding of this language and many others, I suspect. I would ponder this in my cement pond, had I such a luxury.

What are the chances that I could surmount the obstacles that lay before me and one day launch my own start-up, and tweak my brand all over the place? I don’t even play WoW.