Most Amazing Facts about India

“India was the motherland of our race and Sanskrit mother of all Europe languages.India was the mother,our philosophy of much of our mathematics of the ideals embodied in Christianity.. of self government and democracy. In many ways,Mother India is mother of us all.” Will Durant

Mark Twain called India the cradle of the human race. Einstein said no scientific discovery have been possible without India. And million things more which make Indians proud about our country. 15th August 2017, we celebrate our 71st independence day and feel proud of our heritage and culture. And why not? Here take a look at the list of a few amazing facts about India which will make your heart swell.

World’s largest democracy

We are world’s largest democracy and 7th largest country in the world out of 195 recognized countries in the world. This is quite impressive.

Largest number of Mosques

Yes,this is not Pakistan,Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim country in the world but India,which has the most number of mosques in the world. India is a 1.3 billion people strong country with 80% Hindu population and 13% Muslim population and this 13% make world’s 3rd largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan. Though some stats suggest that Indian Muslims are equal in number as in Pakistan.


India is among only one of the three countries(USA and Japan) that make supercomputers and also has 2nd largest number of software developers in the world after USA. This means Indians are managing world’s economies and technologies with panache.

Kabbadi champions

This is not cricket but Kabbadi where we are undisputed kings. Indian National Kabbadi team has won all the Kabbadi world cups till now and same is true for women’s Kabbadi team.

Largest Number of news channels

India has largest number of news channel in the world. A whooping number of 798 TV channels as of July 2014 report. Who just said our freedom of expression is endangered?

Best of Brains

We have second largest pool of scientists and engineers in the world. Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google, Sun Microsystem co-founder Vinod Khosla,creator of Pentium chips Vinod Dham,Founder of Hotmail, GM of Hewlett Packard Rajiv Gupta are all Indians (list can not be completed here). So basically the world including our enemies are basically being governed by Indian Minds

India Cares

Dolphins are considered non human personnel in India and can not be kept captive here,nothing can be ore celebratory for setting up a polling booth in the middle of Gir Forest just for one voter. India carried out world’s biggest civilian rescue operations ever in the world during Kuwait crisis and Uttarakhand flood (Operation Rahat). Largest number of vegetarians are from India.

People’s Power

Kumbh Mela in Allahabad is the only human gathering on earth that can be observed from space. Isn’t it something amazing? It is also the largest gathering of people anywhere in the world. Tirupati Balaji and Kashi Vishwanath temples have more visitors than Vatican City and Mecca combined together.

Water on Moon discovered by India

India’s ISRO Chandrayaan-1 discovered water on the moon first time ever in September 2009. This feet was not achieved even by the world’s superpower by then.

Unity in diversity

You talk democracy and diversity? Well, we have no national language and Hindi and English are both official languages. We have total of 122 languages. The big six languages Hindi,Bengali,Tamil,Telugu and Urdu are each spoken by more 50 million people.

Movies and Cricket

BCCI is world’s richest sports governing body and India has world’s largest film Industry. India produce movies twice as many as US and ten times as many as UK film industry. We are the supreme bosses,any wonder why enemy country actors get a role?

Champions of High altitude Warfare

India controls the world’s highest battlefield (Siachen) in the world and the Indian Army’s high Altitude Warfare School(HAWS) is one of the most elite military training centers in the world. US military Special Forces trained at HAWS before deployment in Afganistan. It is frequently visited by World Military Super Powers like USA,Israel etc

Best Missiles

Our missile series rank among the best in the world. We have AGNI and Prithavi which are nuclear capable ballistic missiles and among the most accurate in the world. The development of AGNI 6 missiles which is underway would equip us with the power of hitting any part of the world except a few parts of North and South America.

Best Army

India has a world’s third largest Army after USA and China which is voluntary. There are 1325000 active troops and 960000 are reserved troops equipped with nuclear power controlled weapons too.

Best of Space programs

Despite budgetary constraints India’s space program is one of the top 5 space program in the world.

Land of millionaires

A large population of India live under poverty yet more than a million Indians are millionaires. Lakshmi Mittal and Mukesh Ambani are among world’s most powerful billionaires. TATA group,State Bank of India are among the top 50 most reputable companies.

All major world religions represented

Christians,Muslims,Sikhs,Buddhism,Judaism,Jains, and all the other religions enjoy the equal rights here if they are Indian Citizen and everybody has the freedom to practice their beliefs. No discrimination can be done in jobs and facilities on the basis of religion. Religion like Zoroastrianism even has the representation in India.

UN Peace Keeping forces

India is the largest troop contributor to UN peacekeeping forces and it also has highest number of death tolls in UN peacekeeping operations. This is also one of the few things we do for the world daily. When the world send their forces over their greed, India sends its troops for saving the other countries. We are also the country which never invaded any other country in the past 10000 years.

People’s program

National Rural Employment Guarantee Act or NAREGA enacted in 2005 is world’s largest public employment program, Mid Day meal scheme is the largest school lunch programme in the world. Aadhar the world’s largest electronic ID program is underway in India.

Indian company is largest private sector employer in UK

A nation which suppressed us for hundred years is now dominated by an Indian company. With the acquisition of Jaguar, Chorus and Tetley an Indian company has turned out to be an unlikely hero. While UK enslaved us through business, Tata group has retained the original names and brands of British companies contrary to UK fear. Tata UK is Britain biggest manufacturer with almost 45000 employers n Tata payroll. India never intended to enslave anyone. We do business in complete professional manner.

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